Professional Hair Colouring At Mosaic

At Mosaic Hair Studio your hair colour is serious business

At Mosaic Hair Studio we take hair colour very seriously. That's why all our stylists are trained to a high level in colouring techniques and product knowledge as well as cutting. Our hair colour studio is fully stocked with hundreds of different colours and shades of hair products.

Hair Colourists in Hertfordshire

Our salon in St Albans, Hertfordshire features a full in-house colour studio that allows our stylists and master colour experts to achieve your perfect hair colour and shade.

A number of our colourists have gained the Master Colour Expert qualification - the hairdressing industry's most prestigious accolade, awarded at the Wella London studio. The final stage of the Master Colour Programme is extremely difficult and available by invitation only and so only a very small number of hairdressers in the UK hold this qualification.

Whether your colour is blonde, brunette or something more unusual our dedicated colour studio offers the largest range of possible hair colours and shades. Our stylists and colour experts are up to date with all of the latest colour techniques and can offer permanent hair colouring, foilyage, balayage, highlights, face framing, root melt and more.

Master Hair Colourists

It's not just our salon that is fully equipped for professional quality hair colouring - our staff are too! A couple of our experienced stylists have extensively trained and qualified as Wella Professionals Master Colour Experts. Which they then share and train through to the rest of the team where needed.

Wella Professionals are the leading supplier of hair colouring products to salons in the UK and run the Master Colour Expert programme to further develop established professional colourists and ensure they are leading in their field.

The Master Colour Expert qualification is the most prestigious colour accolade in the hairdressing industry.

What Is A Master Colour Expert?

What Is The Difference Between A Colourist And A Master Colour Expert?

A Master Colour Expert is a title awarded to a colourist by Wella Professionals once they have completed one of the industry’s most in-depth and prestigious hair colour programmes.

The Master Colour Expert course involves the study of the in-depth science and structure of each strand of hair and how different colours, diet, ageing and genetics affect it in various ways. This scientific understanding of hair gives Master Colour Experts a much greater understanding of colour correction and allows them to deliver superior results without compromising the natural condition of the hair.

The course is the equivalent of a year-long intensive Master’s degree at Wella Studios. Divided into 4 stages, a timed exam takes place after the second stage with a minimum pass rate required to continue through to stages 3 and 4.
The course also includes practical days working alongside industry renowned guest artists to gain inspiration and run through specific colour techniques.

To pass the final practical exam and receive the title of Master Colour Expert, colourists need to receive an 85% or more.


Balayage hair colouring produces super soft, natural, subtle and sun-kissed highlights that blend effortlessly with your natural hair colour and don't look out of place as your hair grows longer.

Balayage comes from a French word meaning to sweep or paint. One of the most popular hair highlighting techniques of the decade, Balayage is accomplished by highlighting small surface or diagonal sections of hair freehand rather than saturating entire sections with colour.
Balayage looks stylish but is actually really low-maintenance and suitable for most hair types and colours.

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Foilyage is something that is fairly new to the hairdressing world, it’s very often mistaken for balayage, they may sound the same but results are very different. Foilyage is a technique using foil to achieve a dimensional, bright effect. Your stylist will wrap painted hair in foils to help achieve maximum brightness.

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Babylights got their name from mimicking the different dimensions and tones that are found in children’s hair. They are very delicate, blonde babylights that are much smaller than highlights and created using a very fine colour technique to mimic that blonde hue achieved if your hair is naturally lightened in the sun.

They are also a great way to introduce colour if you fancy a change of hairstyle but don't want anything too drastic, and therefore allowing you to go longer in between colour appointments.

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Face Frame

Face-framing highlights are a popular technique that concentrates the foil placement on the perimeter bordering the face. And as you'd expect from a technique called "face-framing highlights," this lighter-coloured hair around your face adds visual interest and draws attention to your face.


Here's one you've probably heard of. Hair colour highlights have been popular for decades and there is a good reason for that; they look fantastic.

Highlights are sections of hair dyed a lighter hue to contrast beautifully with your natural colour.
Highlights add dimension and texture to your hair and can accentuate features or slim down your face.

Depending on your hairs thickness you can have fine delicate "babylight" highlights with plenty of your natural colour between each strand or chunky and bold highlights.

Root Melt

Root melt is a colour application technique that blends the root colour with highlights or balayage tones. This technique makes the base colour look like it is “melting” into the other tones in the hair.

Permanent Colour

Permanent hair colour gives an even depth and tone to the hair that will grow out rather than fade out. It is ideal for customers that want a strong look or have more than 70% grey hair or stubborn hairs that a semi-permanent colour won't cover.

Semi-Permanent Hair Colour

Semi-permanent hair colouring, sometimes known as hair gloss, typically washes out or fades after a couple of shampoos.

Semi-permanent colouring is the most popular choice for customers that change their hair colour frequently or want a special look for a particular event without having to commit long term to it.

Professional Hair Colouring In St Albans

At Mosaic Hair Studio in St Albans Hertfordshire all our stylists love hair colour and specialise in creating beautiful, unique hair colour for both women and men. We understand the importance of the perfect hair colour and the positive feeling and confidence it can give you.

Whether you want to enhance your natural hair colour with highlights, Ombre and Balayage effects, permanently cover grey hairs or are looking for blonde, brunette, red, vibrant, pastel, icy, rich or warm tones; our expansion onsite colour library and extensively trained and experienced staff can help you achieve the exact look you want.

We are suppliers of the best professional haircare products on the market, including environmentally friendly range of shampoos, conditioners and hair treatments, ‘Davines’ that keep both your hair and the Earth healthy and happy.