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Important information regarding colour testing

If you are having a colour service, we take your safety seriously. The way that we now colour Patch Test before your colour has changed. You now have two options:

Option 1: Is new and exciting!

With 5 simple steps you will now be able to do your patch test once and it will last for 18 months pending if your circumstances do not change. No more worrying if you have or have not done you test before every colour service.

Please follow each step below carefully in order:

Step 1: Click on the email invitation that we have sent you to join Colourstart Passport OR go to for the Colourstart Passport website

Step 2: Answer the six key screening questions.

Step 3: Call the studio to purchase a ColourStart Patch Test. [£15]

Step 4: Apply your Patch Test by watching the video below.

Step 5: Upload your results to the online passport and share with Mosaic hair studio (your Patch Test must be applied 5 days before your colour services. It will mean that if your circumstances do not change you will not have to do another Patch Test for up to 18 months, Pending that your circumstances do not change. Then you only have to visit the portal to answer 6 questions before each visit)


Option 2: AAT (Allergy Alert Test)

You visit Mosaic hair studio 48hrs before your colour service every time you have a colour service, and we apply AAT (Allergy Alert Test). In simple terms this is a blob of colour on the inside of your arm which you must leave on until you come into the salon for your colour service so we can see if you have had a reaction or not.

Should you experience any signs of irritation, reddening, swelling, inflammation or itching please contact us. If you develop symptoms that make you unwell, please contact a medical professional. When you attend the studio, we will observe the test site and ask you to complete a questionnaire. All our stylists have been trained to test and screen for suitability for colour services. We take your safety and our work seriously.

When you visit us at Mosaic you can have peace of mind that we are taking the best care of you and your hair. We thank you for your co-operation.