What causes your hair to go green when swimming?

We all know someone that has gone for a dip in the pool and has come out with hair that has been stained green. We all just presume it’s the chemical level in the pool, right? but is there more to it?


The start of the problem is found within the water piping. Metal salts from the pipe work latch themselves onto the fibers of the hair and oxidize causing bleached hair to have that green appearance.

Another cause is from copper, copper is added to swimming pools to prevent algae, the chlorine causes the copper to oxidize, turning it into copper salts, which again attach themselves to the hair.


How to prevent green staining

A strong haircare routine is super important for long term prevention against staining. Good products reduce hair damage as well as reduce absorption of foreign particles by the hair.

Make sure you are using products that remove chlorine from the hair and has UV protection in so there is a barrier between your hair and any kinds of foreign particles.


How to remove the green staining?

If you find that your hair has a bit of green staining, the best thing we can recommend is to leave it to the professionals. Get a consultation booked in with one of our stylists as to remove the green we would need to gently bleach it out.