The True Colour Equation

When picking a hair colour there are three aspects that you should consider, your skin tone, eye colour and your natural hair colour.

Scientists say that optimal attractiveness is achieved when one of the three key aspects stand out and contrast with the other two.



For example, if you have a warm skin colour and warm eye colour then you should go with a cool tone hair colour to create that contrast.

You may have heard people say they’ve been blonde or brunette and it hasn’t suited them. There is no such thing as “not suiting” it will just be due to the hair colour being the wrong tone.

What we mean by this is if you’ve been a warm blonde and you didn’t like it you might need to try a cool blonde as this is likely to suit you better.


So how can you tell if you have a cool or warm skin tone?


  1. Think about how your skin reacts in the sun. Do you tan easily or tend to burn?

If you burn easily or go very pink then you are likely to be cool toned, if you’re tan nicely and very rarely burn then you’re probably warm toned.


  1. The next thing to look at are your eyes!

Cool toned people usually have blue, green, light brown, or grey eyes whereas warm toned people have got brown, amber, or hazel eyes.


  1. Look at your wardrobe!

Do you have a wardrobe full of blues, greys, whites, or purples? If this sounds like you then it’s likely you have a cool skin tone. If you sway more towards greens, creams, yellows, or oranges you are more likely to have a warm skin tone.


This is all the information a good hair stylist will be asking you in your colour consultation to discover what your ideal hair colour and tone should be.