Quick Colouring Techniques: Want to look fabulous but have no time?

Whether you have highlights, an all over colour or just feeling a little bit washed out and faded, we have a mini appointment solution.

Clients often are in a good routine of regularly getting their hair coloured. Unfortunately, life will often throw curveballs into our routines and effect appointments that are prebooked, rather than pushing the hair to one side why not have a mini version of your colour service




We can offer a half an hour highlight service where your stylist will pop foils through your front and back hairline and the parting… psst these are the parts that everyone sees!

At the end of this appointment, you will be left with the appearance of having had a full head of highlights, instead you’ll just have all the naughty roots hiding within the rest of the hair.


Hairline Tint:

Similar to the highlights your stylist will paint your front and back hairline as well as the parting giving the illusion of not having any roots as the parts that everyone can see are covered up.



Glossings and Toners:

This one is for all the colour clients out there!

Whether you’re blonde, brunette, pink, blue or any colour in between, unfortunately it’s inevitable that your colour is going to fade without having the correct hair care routine in place. Using colour saving shampoo and conditioners will help but what you really need is to have regular colour glossings and toners in between your appointments, this will keep you looking amazing 24/7. Colour enhancers will freshen everything up as well as helping blend your root growth into the rest of the hair to make it look less obvious and more like it’s meant to be there.