Quick colouring techniques: For grey blending

Grey hair, it's a natural thing that everyone will experience in their lifetime, some getting them earlier than others, we want to reassure you that it isn't something that you should be embarrassed about! Lockdown forced a lot of people into a position where they had no choice but to start embracing the natural greys and it turns out a lot of you love the new colour and are starting to embrace it! Many of you may not think it but grey hair can be just as high maintenance as having coloured hair. We’ve put together our top tips on how to start the process of growing out your colour and going natural. Depending on the rate your hair grows and what you want your colour to look like there are different things that your hair might need to maintain it.


Silver Shampoo and Conditioner

Silver shampoo and silver conditioner

Also known as purple shampoo it is a shampoo that has purple pigment in it, on the colour wheel purple counterates yellow, this works the same with hair, if your hair is looking a little bit brassy or yellow then this is what you need! Using this product a couple of times a week for 5 or 10 minutes each time will keep your greys looking clean and fresh. For people that need that little extra boost there is also a silver conditioner that is that little bit more intense.

Day to day hair range:

For those of you that have grey hair you’ve probably felt that it is more coarse and wiry, hair like this will naturally feel dryer, not as smooth and not as soft. That's not to say that you can achieve this, all it takes is the right products and hair care routine. For regular washing you need to be using shampoos and conditioners that will smooth and rehydrate as the greys need more help. Treatments are also a key part to your grey hair routine, they are designed to add extra moisture and shine to hair that is lacking it.

The best Davines ranges for grey hair are:

Momo - made with melon extract this is the range that is for dry or dehydrated hair, this will give your hair a real boost of moisture without being greasy or too heavy

LOVE - Made with olive extract this is the range is going to smooth your hair

OI - This range is made with the Roucou oil and is suitable for all hair types, this is almost your two in one, it will help make the hair feel really soft and rehydrate it at the same time.

Spotlight Treatment - If its shine you’re wanting this is the treatment you need, it will add shine to you hair, enhancing the colour and the cut


Colour Fresh Toners

Colour fresh toners:

Colour fresh is that little bit more intensive for people with grey hair that is more stubborn so needs more. It is a professional Wella product that doesn't contain any ammonia or peroxide so is safe for you to do at home without having to carry out a skin test. This is just a nice gentle semi permeate colour that is suited to grey or white hair. With it being semi permeate it will last in the hair for a certain amount of washes depending on how often you wash your hair.


Grey Hair Blending Techniques

Grey Blending:

Grey blending is a low fuss colour technique to help camouflage grey hairs as they grow. It works by incorporating semi permanent tones that are similar to the natural colour of the hair, as all the tones are very similar to each other they won’t be any obvious colour bands between new and old colour, blending it all together. It’s a service that shouldn’t take any longer than 30minutes and will need maintenance every 6-8 weeks.

Have some fun with your grey!

Just because you have grey hair doesn’t mean it’s the ends of the road for your colouring journey, having grey hair is the equivalent to having a completely blank canvas so why not have some fun with it! In the salon we stock pigmented colour conditioners ranging from reds, pinks, oranges and even blues. These conditioners have all the benefits of regular conditioners but they will just give your hair a pop of colour to brighten up your look. There is absolutely no commitment involved as they are designed to gradually fade out of the hair after washing. If you start to grow fond of the new look all that needs to be done to maintain it is to use the conditioner every 3-4 wash.