Protecting your hair in summer

Did you know that the sun can be just as damaging to your hair as it can be to your skin?

If you leave yourself exposed and unprotected from the sun for long periods of time your skin burns, it’s the same with your hair and scalp. Too much UVA and UVB without protection will cause your hair to break, the colour to fade and in extreme cases can cause hair loss.

Here’s some of our top tips on how to protect your hair through summer and keep it looking and feeling it’s best!  


1. Start the season off with a fresh haircut:

No matter the length of your hair the sun can make the ends of your hair dry and brittle. This time of year is the best time for a complete restyle, or to start getting into a new routine of having regular cuts. We recommend having a trim every 6 - 8 weeks depending on the length of your hair, to maintain condition or to simply bring your hair back to life.


2. Look after your colour!

It is crucial that colour treated hair is looked after!

The sun’s rays can lighten your hair and damage the cuticle and protein structure which will result in your colour fading and the hair to become dehydrated.

Before your holiday treat your hair to regular deep conditioning treatments for a couple of weeks before you go.

Always tell your stylist when you are going to be in the sunshine so if needed, they can adjust your colour, for example If you have highlights, your stylist can make them a few shades darker than normal as the sun will naturally lighten them. Also, pre book an apt for when you come back so your colour can be refreshed or toned down.

Try and keep your hair covered up as much as possible when you are out in the sun - ideally with a scarf, hat or UVA and UVB protective product


3. Buy products with sun protection in them:

You need to get yourself a range that is going to give your hair protection from the sun's rays, something that contains anti-aging (UVA) and anti-burning (UVB) filters.

Davines SU range is a sun care range that has all your essentials for before and after sun exposure, it’s made up of shampoo, conditioner, styling, tanning, after sun and sun cream. These products removes chlorine, salt and other impurities from the hair and replenish and richness that would have been lost through sun exposure.


4. Avoid excess heat:

As your hair has already been exposed to scorching temperatures, we recommend staying away from hot styling tools, avoid things like straighteners, hairdryers and tongs. The best thing for your hair is to leave it to air dry, if blow drying is necessary, we suggest using a low to medium heat setting and ALWAYS remember to use a heat protector product.


5. Sun stressed hair! Leave your treatment in overnight:

When applying your conditioning treatment, we recommend that you leave your treatment in your hair overnight for maximum hydration

Shampoo and towel dry your hair, apply your treatment, and gently comb it through the hair, let it settle and dry into your hair. Whether your hair is still wet or dry, it is a good idea to put a towel over your pillowcase to stop any moisture going through to the pillow.  

In the morning rinse off the excess treatment and style as normal. This will then replenish all the goodness and richness that the sun has stripped out of the hair.


6. Going for a swim?

Swimming is such great exercise, but did you know it can damage your hair?

Chlorine from the swimming pool and the heavy salt content in seawater can strip your hair and scalp of all its natural and protective oils, this can cause skin irritation and itchiness if that moisture isn’t replenished. So ideally wash and treat your hair as soon as possible, Our recommendation is the Davines SU range


If you have any questions regarding your holiday hair care routine or want some more advice about how to look after your locks in the sun, feel free to pop and talk to your stylists or give the reception team a call.