An open letter to our customers

It is so lovely to be back in the salon. Thank you to everyone for supporting us and embracing our new way of working to keep everyone safe.

We’ve now hopefully contacted everyone on our priority booking list and thank you to all of you for sticking with us while we worked to fit everyone in. The Team have been amazing, working 2 shifts to keep the salon running smoothly 7 days a week to provide enough cover for everyone’s appointment. It has been exhausting but we’re now over the hump and it’s been truly lovely to see you all again – dodgy DIY cuts included 😊.

Unfortunately, it came to light last week that a couple of people had somehow been missed on the list. We think we have picked up all the requests now but if you are still waiting for an appointment, I’m so sorry. Please call when you can, and we’ll get you booked in as soon as possible. We do have some appointments in the coming week so we will be able to offer you some options.

As I said the team have worked amazingly hard since we re-opened and with the pressure now easing slightly, not to mention, we’re now much more used to working in these new ways, we now feel confident that we can offer more of our normal service menu.

Please click here for our latest menu.

Our prices will be as they were before lockdown but I’m sure you’ll understand that we will have to make a small additional charge to cover the cost of PPE. Due to the varying amount of PPE required to deliver different services we have 2 different charges:

  • £3.00 for a blow dry or cut and blow dry
  • £4.50 for a colour, cut and blow dry or colour and blow dry

Our costs have varied wildly as everyone scrambled to secure their supply and we have been at the mercy of the suppliers like everyone else. Now we are getting on top of things, our aim is to maintain supplies of quality protection at a reasonable price and where possible and without compromising on safety, use bio-degradable options in keeping with our ethics.

Our customer service has always been an important part of the Mosaic experience and it feels very strange not being able to help and do things for you that normally come so naturally. Usually, we would walk you around the salon personally, but we are currently directing you to your styling seat and to and from the backwash area. It‘s not because we don’t like you or we’re getting lazy, its all to do with social distancing and to ease movement around the salon. 

This might sound a little daunting but rest assured the salon feels calm, relaxed and welcoming despite these new ways and the only reason for mentioning it is to explain what to expect and why the way we do things is a little differently at the moment.

Things have been manic but we’re now returning to normal bookings and so, if you would like an appointment, give us a call and we’ll happily book you in. We have appointment availability from this week onwards. We look forward to seeing you again soon.