Mosaic Recommends Wellaplex: Bond Builder



The Wella hair-nuts have really nailed it this time! Wellaplex is THE product for you if you regularly colour your hair.
We’ve had it in the salon for about a year now and we’re seeing fantastic results on our regular clients.

Wellaplex results

SO, here’s how it works: 

There’s a 2 stage process in the salon, and this is where we come in. First comes No1: BOND MAKER. 
This creates bonds within the hair, and helps to reconstruct inner hair bonds for strength.

Then, moving onto No.2  BOND STABILIZER
This further strengthens the bonds created by No.1, re-balances pH and strengthens
the hair structure after chemical treatments.

The great thing about the in-salon stages is that they can be incorporated into your colour application,
or applied as a separate treatment in between colour appointments.

Wellaplex for colour

And here’s where it really gets fun! The third stage is your Home treatment - No.3: Hair Stabilizer

Wellaplex Hair Stabiliser

To benefit fully from your WELLAPLEX in-salon service, you should use No3 Hair Stabilizer on a weekly base.
It helps to keep the hair strong, smooth and soft until the next WELLAPLEX in-salon service. 

It’s super easy - shampoo and towel-dry, then comb a liberal blob of No.3 through your lengths and ends.
Leave on for at least 10-15 minutes.
Your hair is going to feel AMAZING. And it’s going to be in AMAZING condition.
It’s going to be strong and healthy, meaning you can keep having those regular colour treatments
without having to worry about deteriorating condition.

Wellaplex example

For more info catch us on 01727 866807 or drop us an email at

Wellaplex No.3 is available to buy in-salon! Call us to pop one aside for you.