Mosaic: Looking after the environment

We Care

We are settling into our third month of the salon reopening and becoming very well practised at our new Covid-19 ways of working to keep you, our clients and our team safe. 

I guess we all now have an understanding that this “new normal” is going to be the salon's new way of life for the foreseeable future.

With this in mind, we felt it right to pick back up the promise we made in 2019 that Mosaic wasn’t just about great hair and service anymore, but also about making a commitment to the earth and the environment as well.

Unfortunately, this was a difficult task during the lockdown as there was an urgency to get our hands on PPE, disposable gowns and aprons and we found ourselves forced into buying non-recyclable goods.

Now, having had the time to research and prepare, we can continue with our sustainability journey. We have in place at the Mosaic salon low energy lighting, a recycling system, and biodegradable towels, along with our sustainable haircare range from Davines. 


The Davines range fully revolves around how we can work with nature to create beautiful hair rather than working against it. Not only are the products amazing, but all of their packaging is made from sugarcane; a material that decomposes when thrown away. 

Better still: we can offer you a refill service on certain products to help reduce the amount of packaging waste.

When it comes to the ingredients, the products are all made from sustainable and natural products, are vegan and cruelty-free and contain no sulphates or parabens. Davines are working closely with local farmers and plants that would have become extinct without their involvement.

Davines have achieved 98% sustainability within their company, something that we at Mosaic hold as a benchmark for our salon.

Personal protection

Whilst we are closely following government safety guidelines when it comes to personal protective equipment, where possible we are opting for environmentally friendly alternatives.

For example: our disposable gowns are made from potato starch, meaning they will decompose when disposed of and won't be toxic to the environment.

The towels that we have been using in the salon for many years are made from the number one renewable source: bamboo. The bamboo plant's health is improved once it is cut down so it can be harvested every three years without causing any damage to the environment. As the bamboo towels are made out of natural products they are disposable and decomposable. We think that bamboo could be a key resource in saving the planet.

Our team are using the standard face shields and masks approved by the government to allow us to work safely alongside our clients. If we can find environmentally friendly alternatives that won't compromise the safety of our clients and our team we will switch over though.

Hand Sanitiser: 

We are loving the hand sanitiser we are using in the salon which you can also purchase for use at home too. 

Davines, one of our favourite suppliers, have created a sanitizer that is safe and friendly to both your skin and to the environment. 

In the current Covid-19 climate so many companies have created sanitisers of all different scents and consistencies, many of which we have found can be very unpleasant and harmful to your hands.

Davines’s version of hand sanitiser is a 3-in-1 hand gel, made with a lovely hydrating formula that still contains the correct amount of alcohol to follow the guidelines recommended by the world health organisation.

It doesn’t have that unpleasant alcohol smell, instead it is a luxurious scent of black pepper and citronella that isn’t too overwhelming. 

Davines have donated 100,000 units of hand sanitizer to hospitals, old peoples homes and to local communities to help prevent the spread of Covid-19. Davines are proving that hand sanitiser doesn't have to be obnoxious to be effective - and by using it you are protecting yourself and helping stop the virus ruining any more lives.     

Save the trees 

Another important step for us to become an even more environmentally friendly salon is to reduce the amount of paper that we use.

Aside from the tremendous damage that cutting down trees causes to our planet, ink cartridges also pose a huge risk of pollution if they are not disposed of carefully.

By the end of 2021 Mosaic intend on being a completely paper-free salon.

With readily available technology for us to embrace instead we don't consider continuing to use paper necessary at all.

All of our stylists are moving away from paper and instead are using iPads to view and record information relating to your visit to the salon.

At Mosaic we are always open-minded to change and ready to embrace new habits if they will help contribute to a sustainable and healthy planet Earth.