More freedom and flexibility to book

30th September 2023
I’ve chatted to a number of clients about the occasional trials and tribulations of getting an appointment to suit their hectic and changing lifestyles. Booking an appointment at short notice or re-arranging when plans change can be challenging because we are all so busy!

Thank you to those that have shared their thoughts. We really appreciate you coming to the salon and want to always make things as easy and stress free as possible for you to visit. As a result of your suggestions, we’re making a few changes which we hope will allow you a bit more freedom and flexibility when booking an appointment.

One of the things we’re doing is opening up our appointment diary only 4 months ahead rather than indefinitely. We hope by doing this, you can still plan a couple of visits ahead but without having to have a crystal ball to know what you’re going to need and be doing a year in advance.. For all of us we hope it will mean less guess work and less last-minute changes and for those of us who aren’t able to plan so far ahead, a good chance of getting an appointment in a reasonable timescale.

Of course, if you have an important date which you positively, definitely, absolutely want to look your best at, we will always try our best to help you pre-plan and accommodate you.

We’ll see how this works and hopefully this small change will make things a little easier for everyone and we look forward to seeing you soon.

If you’ve got any other ideas on how we can help make your visit to us even better, please let me know.

Sally xx