Maintaining your hair at home

We know that when your hair is healthy and fabulous, you feel great. We also know that with everything crazy going on in the world right now, your hair may be a bit neglected - which is the last thing we, your hairdressers, want!

So, we’ve put together our top tips on how to maintain your hair while we are not able to. Carry on reading to learn how to sustain your hair’s condition, colour and even how to keep that dreaded root growth at bay! 

To keep your hair healthy, use 

Davines Essential Haircare

Davines Essential Haircare

Davines - environmentally friendly, made from sustainable natural ingredients, and always vegan and cruelty free. 

These products will ensure your hair is getting all the essential vitamins and richness that it needs to thrive. There is a range for every hair type - be that coloured hair, damaged hair or even an overactive oily scalp, there’s always going to be a product that is perfect for you and your hair’s needs. 

If you are unsure which products will suit your hair, please email us at  and we will  happily advise you accordingly.

Home Colour Care

We can’t stress enough, please, please, DO NOT use box dye at home. We understand it seems like a cheap and quick answer - but it’s not! In-salon, your stylist creates a personalised recipe of colour to not only achieve your desired hair but also to suit your hair’s needs. Mastering this is a skill that takes hairstylists years of training and experience. 
Box-dye, however, is a mass produced product with no personalisation to you. It could cause irreversible damage to your hair - and when it goes wrong - it isn’t cheap or easy to fix! 

Having said that we aren’t completely against home colour maintenance - just as long as you are using the correct professional products! Luckily we have a couple of options for you to consider here:

Wella: Colour Fresh

Wella Colour Fresh

A salon-quality semi-permanent colour enhancer, with an extensive shade palette to match all hair colours! Colour Fresh will brighten dull tones, and generally give your hair a new lease of life! It will disguise rather than cover, grey hair.

It is also ammonia free so doesn’t require any type of salon skin testing, however you do need to test on a little patch of skin behind the ear 48 hours before use to be safe. (Please see manufacturers’ guidelines) 

How to use: Shampoo your hair and towel dry, apply the product evenly from root to tip and combo through. Depending on the desired colour intensity leave to develop for between 5 - 20 minutes, once your colour has developed add a splash of water to your hair and massage in, you will find that the product will start to lather up like a shampoo. This will help lift the product off of the scalp. Rinse thoroughly (do not shampoo) and dry your hair as normal. Tah-dah!

Davines Alchemic Range: 

Davines Alchemic

This fantastic range of semi-permanent pigmented shampoos and conditioners are suitable for all hair colours! They maintain and enhance natural and coloured hair, giving it a fresh, brightened finish. The colours may look bright and scary but rest assured they will just enhance the tones in your hair!

For those of you feeling a surge of inspiration - Pink, Lavender, Coral, Marine Blue and Teal creative colour conditioners also add colour to blonde/bleached hair, all whilst conditioning and hydrating the hair. 

How to use: These two products can be used singularly for a subtle look or can be used together to achieve a more intensive look. For a subtle look gently massage the shampoo into the scalp, rinse thoroughly and use Davines Minu colour save conditioner. For the most intense look use the same shampoo stage, towel dry your hair and comb the conditioner through from root to tip, leave it on for 5 - 10 minutes and rinse. 

Colour WOW: 

Colour WOW

Colour WOW is an award winning temporary root cover up powder that instantly covers both grey and dark roots - with no mess!

You can use it to fill in any gaps in your hairline to make your hair look and appear thicker, as well as enabling you to create a highlighted effect on your hair to help blend regrowth lines. 

With a wide colour range covering everything from dark to light, this fantastic product will stay in your hair until shampooed out.

A single pallet of Colour WOW should last you up to a year depending on how frequently it’s being used. 

How to use: Simply coat the brush provided in the product and apply to the root area. For a natural look, ensure to blend the product with your hair as much as possible.