Hot Off The Catwalk For This Season

admin Wed, 08/30/2017 - 16:49

The Bowl is Back!

This was the star style and is perfect for a striking effect. The look can be softened by leaving a few wispy tendrils around the ears and varied with a sweeping fringe.

Enhance the texture on top by adding a few lights and accentuate shine with a semi glossing all over.

Tribal Tresses

Plaits have gone up a level this season. Placed high on the head in rows for a tribal effect. Think warrior, maybe accessorise with rings or feathers to complete the look.

Short Bobs

This season for a delicate feminine look, go for a length just brushing the earlobes and wear it wavy.

Complementing colours for this style are rose gold, coppers or ashy brunettes, while a balayage effect can blend dark roots into lighter ends.

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Hot Off The Catwalk For This Season