Hope you're enjoying the sunshine?

Protect Your Hair

We are all well aware by now the effects of not protecting your skin with the best sun creams with the highest SPF. Exposing your skin to high levels of UV rays can cause sun spots and skin cancer. But did you also know that UV rays can also cause significant damage to your hair and scalp? 

You may notice that your hair often feels drier than it normally does over the summer. This is due to the UV rays burning the inside and outside layer of the hair follicle resulting in the ends of your hair becoming brittle and lifeless.

System Professional Solaris Range

The Solaris range created by System Professional is designed exactly for your beach and warm weather holidays. The Sun Oil product has keratin UV protection and can add extra softness to your hair whilst in the sun. It can also be used for sun, salt and chlorine-exposed hair.  The entire Solaris product range is designed to treat, protect and soften your hair during sun and salt/chlorine water exposure.

Mosaic Hair Studio

We are hairdressers in St Albans with more than two decades of experience in the hairdressing industry. Situated at the Quadrant in Marshalswick, on the endge of the St Albans city centre, we have a team of highly trained, professional and friendly hairdressers on hand to make you look and feel fabulous. Our location offers a range of shops and eateries and most importantly it has 3-hours free parking. We provide the full-service hairdressing experience with our team of hairdressers on hand to provide any style and hair care advice.

You can book your hairdressing appointment direct online or alternatively call us and speak to our friendly team who will be happy to assist and book you an appointment at your earliest convenience.