Girls With Curls: 10 Hair Helpful Hair Tips

Having curly hair can be seen as both a blessing and a nightmare, when it comes to hair we always want what we don’t have! The key for anyone with curly hair is moisture, moisture, and more moisture as curly hair is naturally the driest type of hair. We have put together our top 10 tips to keep your curls controlled, hydrated, and looking fabulous


1.Use a shampoo and conditioner that is designed for curly hair

When looking for the correct type of shampoo and conditioner always read the label carefully, you need products that are sulphate free and are made from natural ingredients that will enrich your hair.

I’m sure you’ve experienced the ones that feel like your hairs been stripped of all moisture!


2.Avoid daily washing

You may feel the need to wash your hair every day, either to control your curls or because it’s feeling dry and looks fluffy. Cleaning your curls everyday will have the opposite effect of what you are trying to achieve, drying your hair out more and leaving your curls less bouncy.  Ideally refresh your hair in-between washes, by either spraying your curls with a light leave in conditioner or a mist of water, then scrunch with your hands to reshape your curls and bring them back to life.


3.Beware of the brush!

Everyone with curly hair knows that brushes and curls aren’t a good match. The only time you should be brushing your hair is when it’s wet to comb through a nourishing conditioner.


4. Do weekly treatments

As mentioned before curly hair is thirsty hair so hydration is a MUST. We recommend doing a hydrating, nourishing treatment once a week to keep your hair moisturized. Wash your hair as usual (with your curl specific shampoo) load up on your treatment, and comb through with your wide tooth comb and leave it for a minimum of 20 mins.

TOP TIP: By combing the treatment through your hair, it enables the product to do its job !


5. Leave your hair to air dry

Letting your hair dry naturally will improve the appearance for your curls. Get yourself a nourishing oil (Davines OI oil) and a good curl cream (Davines LOVE curl cream)  to prepare your hair, then twist each individual curl and leave it to dry on its own. If you are someone that washes their hair at night, allow your hair to dry completely before going to bed. Going to bed with wet or even slightly damp hair is the cause of your bad hair days, it flattens your curls and leaves them looking lifeless. If you don’t have time to dry naturally then attach a diffuser to your hairdryer, as this is designed to enhance your curls by softening the airflow, so the curls don’t get disturbed.

TOP TIP: For a shine boost put your dryer on a cool setting!



Once you have styled your curls, keep the hands, off the hair!

Continually touching your hair is asking for a frizz overload.


7. Avoid Heat

When you have curly hair there is a real temptation to get the hairdryer and the straighteners out. Heat will be drying your hair out (curls need all the moisture they can get) as well as causing unnecessary damage. Over time excessive heat can completely change your curl pattern, so the less heat used the better. Try having a week where you use no heat and see how much better the overall condition and definition of the curls will be.


8.Find a stylist the knows curls

Taking the time to find a stylist that specializes or has a great understanding of curls, this will make such a difference to how your hair sits.

We always welcome people to come in for a consultation to find their perfect stylist if they need some reassurance or advice.


9.Purchase a silk pillowcase

Silk pillowcases are the key to frizz free curls!

Tossing and turning at night causes friction between your hair and the pillow which is where the majority of frizz comes from. Changing to a silk or satin pillowcase will reduce the amount of friction and reduce the frizz in your hair.



If you are blessed with au naturel curls, then the best thing to do is embrace it! 

Styling with heat every day or wishing for effortlessly straight hair is not the answer and will be holding you back from shining like you were made to.


If you follow these 10 steps, we promise you will learn to love your curls  and look and feel fab!