The Circle Chronicles

Davines The Circle Chronicles

The circle chronicles are our range of treatments that are designed to keep up with ever-changing lifestyles and most importantly, your hairs needs.

The range is made up of seven different treatments that address every hair concern that you have and will treat these issues in under 10 minutes.

We recommend doing treatments at least two to three times a week so your hair can really get the most benefit out of these treatments. The condition of your hair never stays the same, it’s constantly changing; meaning you have to adjust what treatment you’re using to suit the need of the hair. These little sachets are designed to use minimal packaging and enable you to switch between treatments to keep up with the demand of your hair.

Here’s a rundown on each treatment to help you pick which is best for you:

Renaissance circle

A repairing mask made for “ hopeless hair .”

If you find yourself regularly getting out the straighteners or coming into the salon to get those roots touched up with just a little bit more bleach, this mask will completely transform the look of your hair. This mask is full of nourishing ingredients that are going to give you all the richness you’ve been taking out of your hair, giving it a new lease of life!

Quick fix circle

If you’re one of those people that “never have enough time” for hair treatments, girl, we’ve got you. The quick fix circle only has to be on for 3 minutes, yeah you read that right, only 3 minutes for you to have beautifully hydrated, soft and silky hair. Perfect!

Spotlight circle

Shine addicts, this one is for you!

Products that are designed to add shine to the hair often have the stigma of being too heavy or greasy looking attached to them. Spotlight is a weightless treatment that is going to give you “shine like never before.” This product is the finishing touch for your colour clients that are wanting that salon shine all year round, not just when you come in to visit us.

Wake up circle

2 for the price of 1

This treatment is designed to work on both the hair and scalp to give you two different benefits. It's going to give new life to hair that is looking a little bit dull by energising and adding volume from root to tip. Whilst doing all of this it’s going to relieve stress that your scalp may have been under, stressful situations or extreme weather conditions.

Let it go circle

On a daily basis, we put our hair through so much strain, whether that be using a lot of heat on it, changing the style or even just playing with it. Let it go circle is going to relax your hair and scalp and give it a well-deserved break. It has anti-stress action so is perfect if you’re wanting to have a really good pampering session, as well as making you feel relaxed this mask will leave your hair feeling silky smooth and hydrated.

Purity circle

If you’re someone that is working in London or busy, built-up areas your hair will be feeling the stress of these kinds of environments. Pollution can leave impurities on the hair which will have a massive impact on its condition and growth. Let it go will literally let it go, with its antioxidant properties it will strip out all these impurities from both the hair and scalp, leaving your hair healthier.

Restless circle

This mask is designed for those of you who are constantly on the go but want to care for your hair at the same time. Its colourless product means that you can go about your daily activities without people knowing you have your mask on. This invisible mask will give you volume and will protect your hair from breakage. If you’re someone who does a lot of swimming or other sports that involves your hair being up this will be your go-to.