Change in season, change in hair

Autumn, it's a beautiful time of year, it’s the season that is renowned for change, the clocks go back, we start to see a difference in the weather, even the trees change colour. So with all this change going on around us, have any of you considered the changes that could be happening to your hair? 

Here are our top tips on how to keep your hair looking and feeling its best during Autumn. 

Autumn Hair Tips

Keep your hair hydrated: 

Like a lot of things in life your hair needs moisture to stay healthy, the colder temperatures that we get during the Autumn can cause the hair to dry out and become brittle which can cause breakage. The cold also stops your scalp from producing enough of its natural oils, this then causes the scalp to dry out and become very itchy and irritated. The key is to try and prevent these two things from happening, it’s much easier to prevent a hair concern than it is to try and cure it. Make sure you are using a moisturising shampoo or conditioner; this will ensure your hair is getting all the hydration it needs to stay healthy. If you feel you’ve got past the point of prevention and you’re finding yourself with an itchy scalp use an anti inflammatory shampoo and a moisturizing conditioner. 

Avoid hot water: 

As much as we all love a hot bath or shower in the colder months, there is nothing worse for your hair then really hot water. Just like hot styling tools, added and unnecessary amounts of heat can make your hair really frizzy. So when washing your hair adjust the water temperature to lukewarm to help reduce the amount of frizz you’re putting into the hair.

Only wash your hair when needed:

Shampooing your hair everyday with the wrong product could be stripping the hairs natural oils, making it irritated and oily. Understandably, many people wash their hair everyday, it’s good hygiene and it means no chance of greasy hair. However, washing the hair too often can cause the sebum glands ( the ones that produce the oils ) to go into overdrive, as they try to produce enough oil to keep the scalp hydrated it can make the hair more oily. If you are someone that suffers with an oily scalp make sure you invest in a high quality dry shampoo! 

Use conditioning treatments: 

Treatments should be a key part of everyone’s hair routine, not just during the autumn months. Hair treatments are essential for rebuilding hair that is damaged, frizzy, coloured or has a lack of shine to it, they put all the richness back into the hair that could be lost through the cold weather, central heating or styling. Try doing a treatment every five washes to improve or to maintain the healthy condition of the hair. 

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